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Ltd or umbrella?

​​Depending on your circumstances, either the umbrella route or going Ltd may benefit you. Take our quiz or check out our guidelines to help you on your choice.

"We have set out guidelines of how you can decide which solution is best for you. There is no wrong or right option, however you can increase your take home pay depending on what route you select."

Limited Company 

Contracting for more than 6 months

Contracting via different clients in your career

Travel often, need to claim back expenses

Earn over £110.00 per day (approx.)

Work in the private sector

Not deemed as a permanent employee

Have not worked for any previous clients before

Are not working for a client for longer than 2 years

Have not been deemed bankrupt within the last 6 years

Approx take home retention: 75-85%



Earn less than £110.00 per day (approx.)


May be returning back to permanent employment soon

In a short term contract (days, weeks, months)


Need to be paid quickly

Work in the public sector


Prefer a hassle free payroll solution


Not deemed as a permanent employee


Want to get paid into your personal account


Prefer deductions are made before you are paid

Approx take home retention: 60-65%

*The details shown above are opinions based on facts found that have researched within the industry. The retention levels may vary depending on individual circumstances and higher rate tax payers. The information is based on a contractor working on average of 37.5 hours per week. We offer the best relevant advice possible.

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