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Packages Explained

Mixed Umbrella & Ltd Leads

The leads we generate are a mixture of contractors, freelancers & SMEs seeking umbrella companies and/or contractor accountants. 

Leads Per Month

Each lead we send you depending on the quality, will vary in price. We have a lead price matrix which will work towards your monthly budget.

Client Portal Access

With all our packages you will have access to our Client Portal in order to keep on track of your monthly budget, lead quality & contractor status.

Logo Added On Partners Page

We will add your company logo onto our Partners Page on our website allowing our customers to see who we are working with.

Services Added Onto Results Page

All our contractor & freelance customers have to fill out an application before gaining access to our payroll comparison results. We will create your own listings on our umbrella & contractor accountant pages which gives our customers more information of your services and heightens your company profile on our site.

Logo Added On Home Page

We will add your company logo onto our home page along with our other clients paying for the privilege. This allows our customers to be familiar with your company from the offset consequently increasing the level of trust. 


We are a lead generation service of which qualifies leads to the best of our abilities and each lead generated for our clients may vary in quality. However, every lead we send will have been pre-qualified to ensure the identities of the details we provide you are real names, numbers and emails.

Within the leads we send, you or your sales team will have to call the details provided a minimum of 8 times to reach the customer seeking your services - this will not be the case on every lead we provide you, however each lead experience will vary. We highly suggest acting on each lead sent to your services with urgency as with our experience, the faster a lead is contacted the higher the chance of initial contact and conversion.

Many clients we work with vary on sign up rates, the best clients we have in every case have an experienced sales team of which act on the leads we send as soon as they have received them from us. 

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