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What is a an Umbrella Company?

An umbrella company is a company that acts as an employer to agency contractors who work under a fixed term contract assignment, usually through a recruitment employment agency in the United Kingdom. Recruitment agencies issue contracts to a limited company as the agency liability would be reduced. It issues invoices to the recruitment agency (or client) and, when payment of the invoice is made, will typically pay the contractor through PAYE with the added benefit of offsetting some of the income through claiming expenses such as travel, meals, and accommodation.

Umbrella companies have become more prevalent in the UK since the British government introduced so-called "IR35" legislation that creates tests to determine employment status and ability to make use of small company tax reliefs. According to criteria set out by the UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, there are an estimated 4 million temporary workers in the UK, of whom 1.56 million are "classed as being in a management or senior official role, a professional occupation or an associate professional and technical occupation." It is estimated that 14% of the UK’s professional contractors are currently managing their business by working through an umbrella company.

Who are we?​

We are the UK's first and leading compliant payroll comparison service.


Payroll-Supermarket was founded by Scott Saunders who had a career within the payroll industry, working for a leading contractor accountants. Whilst working in the industry Scott had realised that the self-employed contracting sector was in demand for a service which did not currently exist yet. was born.

A short time after Scott left the BBC hit show 'The Apprentice' with Lord Sugar in 2015, Scott set off in building a comparison website for freelancers and contractors to ensure they are receiving the best deals and also transparent fees.


We pride ourselves in offering the finest quoting system which gives freelancers the opportunity to see real quotes for real approved payroll services.

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