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To say thank you to all contractors working tirelessly through this pandemic; We are offering a Sign-Up/Joining Bonus to workers in the Healthcare sector.

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"I believe that contractors deserve transparency and compliant services, that's why I innovated the first ever payroll comparison platform"

- CEO & Founder

Scott Saunders The Apprentice 2015 Candidate



The Maylands Building,

Hemel Hempstead


The company founder Scott Saunders had a career in the accounting industry and spoke with many self-employed contractors on a daily basis, in most of these conversations the same question was being asked; "where can I compare accountants or umbrella companies?" It seemed that the self-employed were demanding a service which did not exist. was born.

We work hard to ensure your life is made that bit easier by offering a wide range of quotes for various payroll companies and financial services. We have made it our mission to help you speed up the process of choosing a reliable payroll company by making regular contact with some of the UK's best contractor accountant & umbrella companies, breaking down their cost's and service's into readable sections whilst helping you save with special deals.

We understand how important it is to find a reliable service which doesn’t cost the earth but provides results. As well as comparing umbrella companies and contractor accountants, we also offer other services such as money exchange quotes and freelance insurance quotes via our partners.

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