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Payroll-Supermarket.com was founded by Lord Sugar's 'The Apprentice' candidate Scott Saunders, who believes that contracting should be made as simple as possible

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Scott Saunders
CEO & Founder
Kye Maclennan
Office Manager
Stuart Pearson
Senior Account Manager
Jason Panico
Senior Account Manager
Trisden Mills
Relationship Manager
Kirsty Tait
Marketing Manager

Background Story

Payroll-Supermarket was founded by Scott Saunders who had a career within the payroll industry, working for a leading contractor accountants. Whilst working in the industry Scott had realised that the self-employed contracting sector was in demand for a service which did not currently exist yet. Payroll-Supermarket.com was born.

A short time after Scott left the BBC hit show 'The Apprentice' with Lord Sugar in 2015, Scott set off in building a comparison website for freelancers and contractors to ensure they are receiving the best deals and also transparent fees.


We pride ourselves in offering the finest quoting system which gives freelancers the opportunity to see real quotes for real approved payroll services.


Although we are all very price driven these days, it is still important to hire a provider which has an overall good response for service, fees and extras. This is exactly why Payroll-Supermarket.com ensure we compare every provider equally and fairly based on a range of comparison formats such as: start up fees, tie in periods, close down fees, monthly fees and more.


Finding a Contractor Accountant or Umbrella Company can be very daunting. Historically you would have to go to call every firm and make an enquiry, speak on the phone for close to 45 minutes, list down every detail and eventually make a decision on who to choose. It can take people days to find a good reliable contractor accountancy firm or Umbrella Company. Payroll-Supermarket.com cuts all of this out making the process a lot faster and efficient.


We are dedicated in providing self-employed contractors with all the tools they need when starting a contract. If you are a novice or an experienced contractor we can still help. Our mission is to make your search an easier process when looking for and umbrella company or a contractor accountant or a self-employment insurance company or even money exchange if you are sending money overseas. 


Offering the chance to provide transparent costs and packages makes this easier for you to not get caught in the trap of paying for any hidden charges which you may have overlooked, effectively saving you money in the long run.


Our data from our comparison engine is updated frequently helping to pass savings over to you, so it's just one more stress out of your mind. We also offer plenty of other services which help aid self-employed contractors such as help and advice, request a call - where you can ask one of our team a question about payroll, membership service - which allow you to add your reviews on a providers and rate companies you have used, Newsletters - keeping you up to date on the self-employment industry and much more.

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Trisden Mills

Our Relationship Manager Trisden Mills at Payroll-Supermarket.com